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5 ways to keep employees motivated during summer

Over the last 6 weeks it has felt like summer has arrived in the UK, with May having multiple bank holiday weekends and the sun shining gloriously so far throughout June. In many organisations people will be starting to take annual leave as the summer holiday season kicks in. With longer days, lighter nights and an increase in people socialising, there’s more temptation for people to ease off, which reports have found can lead to a decline in productivity by up to 20%. With all of this in mind, it’s worth thinking about how to keep your teams engaged during the summer months.

So, what should employers consider and how should they approach engaging with their teams to motivate them over the summer months? A uniform approach is not always going to work for everyone. Organisations should consider their remote, hybrid and in-house teams individually. What works for a remote worker may not be the same as someone making the journey into the office everyday.

Create a summer-friendly work environment. For those in the office, this could be adding plants, opening windows for fresh air, or providing comfortable outdoor space where people can get outside during the day. Whether in the office or working from home, encourage your employees to take breaks outside when possible or take a walk at lunchtime or whilst making calls. And on the hotter days, ice cream and lollies are always a winner!

If flexible working is not already in place, consider offering more flexible schedules over the summer months. Employees may have personal commitments such as family events, not to mention working out childcare during school holidays, and offering flexible working can help them strike a better balance. Being clear with the team of your expectations and setting realistic, achievable goals will also help to keep people focussed and motivated whilst at work.

Encourage team building events, either online or in person…. Or both! These can range from picnics, outdoor games or company outings to online happy hours, trivial games or virtual scavenger hunt. Make sure everyone is invited to help make sure your team bond, foster a sense of community and help people to stay connected.

Keeping communications open with employees is key at any time, but summer can be a busy time with people on annual leave or working alternative working patterns, so it’s important to ensure communication is clear and open across the team. Regular check-ins, both as a team and 121 can help to keep everyone on the same page and connected. Shared calendars are a great point of reference for everyone to quickly check peoples availability and forward planning for any necessary cover or collaboration is hugely beneficial to everyone.

Summer is a great time to offer professional development opportunities and focus on personal development. When and where possible, offer your team opportunities to attend webinars, seminars, workshops and conferences, or encourage employees to work on their own personal development plan or take on new projects that will challenge them and help them grow professionally.

These are just a few ways to keep your employees motivated throughout the summer. By creating a positive work environment, offering flexibility, creating a positive work environment, encouraging team-building, providing professional development, and maintaining communication, you’ll be able to keep your team engaged and productive year-round.


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