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Empower leaders  with 360° feedback

360° feedback creates a safe and structured way for leaders to gather feedback that they would be unlikely to normally receive from a range of different perspectives.

Our detailed feedback reports and empowering coaching sessions help individuals and teams to develop greater self-awareness, celebrate their strengths and uncover important blind spots.

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How can 360 feedback benefit your people?

For highly effective managers and leaders, you need highly effective support and development. Our 360° feedback process will help your leaders to build self-awareness, develop a better understanding of their strengths and encourage a culture of feedback and accountability in your organisation.


As part of our solution, we'll help to create a tailored 360° feedback process that will equip your leaders with the tools to shape their development and thrive, both individually and as part of a high-performing leadership team.

What do our clients say?

Sam Harris, Union Development Director

NUS Charity

All of our comments and feedback were taken on board and I found the process, plus the coaching session really useful. I think it's helped set out what I want to achieve with my team this year and put things into perspective. Thanks team!

What does our 360° feedback process include?


360° Questionnaire Design

We strongly believe that your 360° tools should measure the behaviours that are important to your organisation and that will help you to achieve your strategic goals. Using this as a foundation, our consultants will work with you to design your survey based on the needs of your organisation.

We’ll then help your leaders to identify an appropriate pool of people to provide feedback, through our easy-to-use online survey portal that ensures high levels of confidentiality and participation.


Personalised 360° Feedback Report

All participants will receive a personal 360° feedback review, including a blend of data, metrics, and open-text feedback for them to consider.

Our reports are designed to guide leaders through the feedback process and include developmental prompts and coaching questions to encourage them to reflect on the feedback and consider how they can turn it into meaningful actions.

Download a sample report.


1-1 Coaching


360° feedback works best when leaders receive the right support to interpret the information and act on it.

Our 1-1 coaching sessions help translate the results into outcomes and actions. Our experienced coaches will help each participant to understand the feedback and compare their perceptions to the perceptions of others. They will encourage a forward-looking approach to finding meaning in the data, focusing on their strengths and development goals and creating accountability.

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