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Aligning organisational values with work – A Recipe for Success

In order for charities to flourish it is essential that its employees align their work with the vision and values of the organisation.

This means applying for organisation’s that are aligned with your values from the start, and not basing your recruitment search purely around qualifications, instead look at organisation’s values and mission statements.

By doing so you’ll save yourself a lot of valuable time and energy from applying for roles in organisations that have very different principles to your own.

A recent study from the International Journal of HR Management found that using shared values as a key workplace resource enhanced overall service delivery performance. It is evident that when employees truly understand and embrace the overarching goals and principles, they become more motivated, engaged, and productive.

According to Kantar Consulting's new Purpose 2020 report "Inspiring Purpose-Led Growth”, nearly two-thirds of millennials and Gen Z express a preference for brands that have a point of view and stand for something, the report found.

Millennials and Gen z express a preference for brands that have a point of view and something to stand for

6 key ingredients that employees can take to align their work with the organisational values:


Take time to read the mission statement, core values and strategic objectives. This will provide insights into the purpose and goals of the charity. If there are any aspects that remain unclear or confusing don't hesitate to seek clarification from leaders of the charity.


It is important to set your goals in a way that complements the objectives of the charity. By aligning your aspirations with the mission of the charity, you'll be able to make a meaningful contribution and find purpose in your work.

Lead by example

Set an example by showcasing how aligning yourself with the charity’s vision can lead to success inspiring others along the way.

Employees who exemplify the values of the organisation through their actions serve as role models for their colleagues, fostering a culture of alignment.

Up to date

In an ever-changing world, it is crucial to value continuous development. Charities highly value employees who strive for growth because it not only benefits them individually, but also contributes to the overall growth of the organization.

Be proactive in seeking out training opportunities, attending workshops, and staying up to date with industry trends to enhance your skill set and align it with the charity’s vision.

Employee recognition

Recognizing and celebrating accomplishments regardless of their scale reinforces the significance of aligning work with the charity’s vision. When employees feel appreciated and acknowledged for their efforts, it serves as motivation for them to keep contributing towards achieving the charity’s goals.

Seek feedback

Feedback and open communication channels play a crucial role in ensuring that your individual efforts are aligned with the charity’s vision. Actively seek feedback from your managers and charity leaders to understand how your work contributes to achieving goals. This feedback loop allows for adjustments and improvements keeping everyone on track.

When employees connect with the purpose of the charity and embrace its vision, it becomes a beneficial relationship that leads to success. Employees become part of a community where they willingly believe in and practice the organisational values and the impact of this is shown through service delivery.

Reflection Task

Two considerations when trying to embed values within the organisation are:

- What positive changes would you see if your charity were truly living its vision and values?

- How would the values be demonstrated through actions (service delivery)?

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