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Unlocking Success with Interim HR Support in Challenging Times

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In today's economic climate, values-led organisations face the dual challenge of reducing spending while meeting growing service demands.

In this environment, human resources can often be relegated to an operational role rather than being seen as a strategic function.

However, successful HR functions integrate with the organisation, fostering a healthy culture, supporting employee development, ensuring legal compliance, and partnering with the business across every department.

Interim HR support can significantly enhance an organisation's success by providing professional and impartial assistance in these key areas. Here, we explore how interim HR coordinators can add value, drawing on recent experience with a values-driven business undergoing a major restructure.

The Value of Interim HR Support

In the case of a recent client, a values-driven business undergoing a strategic shift, the need for interim HR support became apparent. The focus was on recruitment to align with the new organisational direction.

By revamping the recruitment process, we recommended best practices to enhance both candidate and colleague experiences, attracting a diverse pool of applicants and supporting effective recruitment.

This included updating job descriptions to better reflect the organisation's values and goals, streamlining the interview process to ensure a consistent and fair experience for all candidates, and implementing onboarding procedures that fostered a sense of belonging and engagement from day one.

Moreover, interim HR support also provides the flexibility to review and improve other HR functions. This impartial support helps senior managers navigate difficult conversations and challenges, offering a fresh perspective and professional guidance.

For example, during the restructure, interim HR professionals facilitated workshops and training sessions to help existing staff adapt to new roles and responsibilities, thereby minimising disruption and maintaining morale.

Key Benefits to Organisations

Expertise and Knowledge: Interim HR professionals bring immediate skills and experience, offering valuable insights without threatening existing staff. For value-driven organisations, this ensures value for money from day one. Their broad expertise means they can quickly identify inefficiencies and implement best practices, driving improvements across the board.

Quick Response to Looming Deadlines: Interim HR support can be mobilised quickly, often within days, providing immediate assistance without waiting for notice periods. This rapid deployment is crucial during times of organisational change or crisis, allowing businesses to maintain momentum and avoid costly delays.

Fresh Perspective: Interim HR support approaches projects with an objective, business-focused mindset. This fresh perspective is invaluable for handling unpopular activities and difficult situations, spotting early warning signs, and sharing insights to prevent costly issues. They can offer innovative solutions and challenge existing assumptions, helping organisations to evolve and stay competitive.

Safe Pair of Hands: Experienced interim HR professionals can manage various organisational areas and provide reassurance to trustees, CEOs, and senior staff, ensuring the organisation remains on track from an HR perspective. They are adept at managing sensitive issues such as redundancies, disciplinary actions, and disputes, ensuring these are handled with care and compliance.

Bringing Change: Interim support can drive significant value in challenging circumstances, fostering relationships between teams and employees and facilitating smooth transitions. They act as change agents, promoting a positive culture and encouraging collaboration and communication across the organisation.

Knowledge Sharing: Interim HR professionals bring unique perspectives and a wealth of knowledge, which they freely share with the organisation. Their goal is to leave a lasting legacy of improved practices and insights, without the constraints of a permanent position. This includes developing comprehensive documentation and training materials to ensure continuity and sustained improvements after their departure.

Extended Benefits to Individual Employees

The benefits of interim HR support extend beyond the organisation as a whole, positively impacting individual employees. By focusing on employee engagement and development, interim HR professionals help create a supportive and inclusive work environment.

They provide one-on-one coaching and mentoring, helping employees to develop their skills and advance their careers. This personal investment boosts morale and retention, as employees feel valued and recognised.

Interim HR support can also promote diversity and inclusion within the workplace. By implementing fair recruitment practices and fostering an inclusive culture, they ensure that all employees feel welcomed and respected, regardless of their background.

This commitment to diversity can not only enhance the organisation's reputation but also drives innovation and performance by bringing a variety of perspectives and ideas to the table.


In conclusion, interim HR support offers substantial benefits to values-led organisations facing economic challenges. By bringing in expertise, providing flexibility, offering fresh perspectives, and sharing knowledge, interim HR professionals can be a key driver of success.

This approach not only benefits the organisation as a whole but also positively impacts individual employees, ensuring a more robust, dynamic, and supportive workplace.

By leveraging interim HR support, organisations can navigate challenging times with confidence, ensuring they remain resilient, adaptive, and aligned with their core values. The strategic integration of interim HR professionals can transform the HR function from an operational necessity to a strategic asset, driving sustainable success and growth in even the most challenging economic climates.

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